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4/Featured/ticker-posts Partners with Adan Association for Crypto and Blockchain Development in France and Europe

Cryptocurrency exchange has officially joined Adan, an association for crypto and blockchain professionals in France and Europe. The move aims to contribute to industry development and uphold the upcoming MiCA regulation. Adan, with 200 professionals, emphasizes innovation and Web3 use cases. also plans expansion with regulatory compliance achievements and global partnerships. Partners with Adan Association for Crypto and Blockchain Development in France and Europe
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Our analysis of the situation

Cryptocurrency Exchange has expanded its reach by becoming a member of Adan, an association dedicated to fostering growth and development within the crypto and blockchain space in France and Europe. As part of this collaboration, aims to contribute to the industry's advancement and innovation in these regions.

Expressing enthusiasm for this new affiliation, President and COO Eric Anziani highlighted the alignment of values and shared objectives between the two entities. Emphasizing their support for the forthcoming MiCA regulation, Anziani affirmed's dedicated focus on responsible innovation and educational initiatives in the realm of Web3.

Adan plays a vital role in representing a community of 200 professionals spanning both emerging and established entities within the crypto landscape, with a focus on fostering innovation and leveraging Web3 potential. Notable associations within Adan's membership roster include Ethereum France Association, Binance, Bitpanda, Mastercard, KPMG SA, Luno France, and OKX France, among others.'s recent milestone achievement of reaching over 100 million users globally underscores the significant impact of its strategic initiatives, including collaborations with prominent sports leagues like the NHL and NBA, and its sponsorship of the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix in May 2022.

Looking ahead to the future, is setting its sights on further expansion and diversification endeavors, with a focus on tailored product offerings to cater to specific market segments. Notably, the company's acquisition of a full operational license from the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) in Dubai serves as a crucial milestone in its expansion strategy, enabling to provide an extensive range of products to individual and institutional investors in the UAE.

This significant development aligns with's ambitious roadmap, which places emphasis on embracing regulatory compliance, security, and strategic market expansion to accommodate the next wave of 100 million users.

In conclusion,'s participation in Adan marks a pivotal step in shaping the future landscape of crypto and blockchain development in France and Europe. With its unwavering commitment to innovation, strategic partnerships, and regulatory compliance, continues to carve its path as a trailblazer in the global cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

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