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Nostr Protocol on ROD Testnet Blockchain: Major Milestone for SpaceXpanse Multiverse

In a latest development for the SpaceXpanse Multiverse, the first successful tests of the Nostr protocol on the ROD testnet blockchain have been completed. This achievement marks a significant milestone in our journey towards building a robust and decentralized metaverse ecosystem.

Unlocking the Power of Nostr Protocol: The successful integration of the Nostr protocol will bring a new layer of functionality and decentralization to the ROD blockchain. Nostr's decentralized social media protocol, coupled with the reliability of the ROD blockchain, sets the stage for unprecedented levels of security, privacy, and user engagement within the SpaceXpanse Multiverse.

Roadmap Update: As we celebrate this achievement, we are thrilled to announce that the roadmap update is finally imminent. This update will outline our ambitious plans for the future of the SpaceXpanse Multiverse, including new features, partnerships, and opportunities for community involvement. Stay tuned for more details as we chart a course towards greatness together.

A Vision Realized: The successful tests of the Nostr protocol on the ROD testnet blockchain signify more than just technological progress; they represent the culmination of a vision shared by our team and community. With each milestone reached, we move closer to realizing the full potential of the SpaceXpanse Multiverse and shaping the future of decentralized metaverse ecosystems.

As we look ahead to the next chapter of our journey, we invite you to join us in celebrating this momentous occasion and to stay tuned for updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of blockchain and virtual reality.

The best is yet to come! 🚀🌌

More details about it can be found here:


First published at 🚀SpaceXpanse Multiverse Newsletter

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SpaceXpanse said…
SpaceXpanse said…
Let's talk $ROD usability in the @SpaceXpanse #Multiverse!
📝Now you can register your name for approximately 0.01 ROD and send up to 520-char updates ranging from 0.005 to 0.02 ROD, depending on their size.
💬Efficient communication, powered by ROD #blockchain.
SpaceXpanse said…
🌐Enjoy secure and straightforward login access, #SpeXCrew, making decentralized communication effortless and discover the ease of authentication within
🔐How easy is to login to a .
client, when powered by the $ROD #blockchain?👇
SpaceXpanse said…
👉As you can see at the link from the testnet $ROD explorer below, under the "name_update":, the user SpaceXpanse securely registered previously in the $ROD #blockchain has JSON-formatted value assigned to it in above-mentioned transaction..
SpaceXpanse said…
..and by querying the RPC server of the owner's $ROD wallet with "name_show" command, a #Nostr client can extract the public key then check if the value of "ismine" is set to true from the response and use it for the login.😀
✅As simple as that.

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