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SpaceXpanse Multiverse manifesto /Updated/

 This version is updated according to the implementation of Nostr protocol

To set the intentions

I think that the crypto industry will have to take a more focused approach, shifting from hype cycles toward building real utility.

Rahul Advani - Ripple’s APAC Policy Director

Long story short:
We want to turn the [crypto] game around /pun intended/

By putting the crypto technology back on track, we are making a next-generation trustless blockchain platform, designed for rapid creation of metaverses, immersive user experience and easy development of complex decentralized applications, which we called SpaceXpanse Multiverse, where people can communicate, create, have fun, and which can be easily accessed by anyone from anywhere.

SpaceXpanse Multiverse /SpeX/ platform environment:


ROD Blockchain
Open source
Non-profit - Foundation operated

  • Main cryptocurrency /ROD/, fungible and nonfungible tokens /NFTs/ - creation, storage and transaction
  • Decentralized DNS aka dDNS /derived from Namecoin/ which can serve .rod and/or other domains /WIP*/
  • Digital IDs for platform-wide trustless user identification which can even hold and transfer value in the ROD blockchain
  • Secure storage of data in the blockchain itself.
  • Local data storage for DApps outside blockchain by using SQLite /or LMDB/ database engine
  • Atomic trading to exchange in-game assets (fungible game currencies as well as non-fungible items) in a trustless manner.
  • Human mining aka Play To Earn model which allows parts of the mined block rewards to be "placed" inside an application, game or other, where users can pick/win them up and bank them to their on-chain address. /WIP/

Nostr protocol - a modified version of an open-source, censorship-resistant protocol that aims to provide a more decentralized, privacy-centered and user-empowered alternative to traditional centralized ways to store and retrieve huge amounts of data. /WIP/
Open source
Non-profit - Foundation operated
Implementation follows a set of rules by using:

  • Relay: Anyone can run a relay /possibly after locking some amount of ROD in a wallet - TBD/, and they are responsible for storing the data by using one or more PostgreSQL instances, for example, and then forwarding it to other relays eventually. They can set them public or private, collect a fee for using it, etc.
  • Client: Users run clients on their own computers to connect to these relays to send and receive data.

Both can use ROD blockchain's storage capabilities to transfer data e.g. relay domain addresses, user presence between them.

Side Channels Open source
Non-profit - Foundation operated

  • Programable trustless interconnection inside the blockchain which allows two or more parties to interact through temporarily made sidechains in a very scalable, off-chain and almost real-time fashion.


SpeX Library
Open source
Non-profit - Foundation operated

  • Programable trustless interconnection between the blockchain and third-party applications to help developers have useful environment for effortless development of DApps in the platform

SpeXID - Digital Identification application for SpaceXpanse Multiverse platform /WIP/
Open source
Non-profit - Foundation operated

  • An application built on top of the ROD blockchain, that turns each reserved name into a secure digital identity similar to NameID

RODPay Server - a free and open-source payment processor which allows you to accept payments without fees or intermediaries. /WIP/
Open source
Non-profit - Foundation operated

  • Direct, peer-to-peer payments
  • No additional transaction fees /other than the network fee/
  • No fees, middleman or KYC
  • Non-custodial /complete control over the private key by using a remote wallet/
  • Enhanced privacy and security
  • Self-hosted
  • SegWit support
  • Share your instance with friends /multi-tenant/
  • Invoice management and Payment requests
  • Apps: Marketplace for your digital IDs, .rod domains, etc.; Crowdfunding for supporting your projects; Buttons for Donation receiving

SpaceXpanse DappEngine - A versatile tool for creating 2D and simple 3D games and other dApps with ease /WIP/
Open source
Non-profit - Foundation operated

  • In DappEngine, everything on the screen is an object. /WIP/
  • It uses events to define the logic of your game. /WIP/
  • It allows you to use variables to store and manipulate data during gameplay. /WIP/
  • It provides a powerful feature called "Events Function" or simply Function. /WIP/
  • It includes a variety of pre-made objects such as buttons, switches, sliders, and more. /WIP/
  • Its features are provided through extensions, allowing you to embed only the features you need. /WIP/
  • It's a cross-platform development software. You will be able to build games and other apps for mobile, desktop, and the web. /WIP/
  • It's an open-source, no-code game development software licensed under the MIT license.

SpaceXpanse Metaverse Simulator - A playground for testing different environments, tools and objects in the platform /WIP/
Open source
Non-profit - Foundation operated

  • Real-time realistic solar system with major celestial bodies, terrains and environment
  • Gravitational and other forces, affecting all objects accordingly /physics/
  • Fast rendering with realistic level of detail /TBD/
  • Node-based programming logic /TBD/
  • Scenario programing through Lua - lightweight, embeddable programming language designed for scripting and extensibility
  • Python support for modeling of mathematical and other scientific inquiries /TBD/
  • Support for Universal Scene Description /USD/ for collaboratively building 3D sceneries, intended for large-scale production. /TBC/
  • Easy creation and editing of new solar systems, planets and satellites, vehicles and other multi-part and multi-seated usable objects
  • Simplistic interconnection with any other elements of the platform environment through dedicated API


Metalog - Decentarized Social Network /WIP/
Open source
Non-profit - Foundation operated

  • Full-blown platform-wide social network in the blockchain, accessible within every platform's metaverse and/or DApp, using Nostr protocol to store user's private data and ROD bockchain for user's public data.

SpeXDAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organisation /Deferred/
Open source
Non-profit - Foundation operated

  • Full-blown platform-wide application in the blockchain to serve as crowdfunding hub for user's projects within the platform and more


SpaceXpanse: Battleships - The classic game of Battleship, but with a twist /WIP/
Non-profit - Foundation operated

  • Simple multiplayer online game in the ROD blockchain
  • Developed on top of libspex's headless Ships game with the help from various development tools.
  • Made with Unity
  • Simplistic gameplay: Two players can choose to compete with each other's tactical combat, strategic skills and shear luck for a prize that they agreed upon in the beginning
  • Ability to compare players' scores through Leaderboard
  • Owning NFTs to straighten spaceship's attack and defense capabilities /TBA/
  • In-game communication in real time through Metalog /TBD/

SpaceXpanse: Wanderers - A space exploration game in its own metaverse /TBD/
For-profit - Legal entity operated
Real-time Massive Multiplayer Open World Sandbox game with realistic look, physics and economics

  • Developed on top of SpaceXpanse Metaverse Simulator with the help from various development tools /TBA/.
  • Made with Unreal Engine 5
  • Sophisticated gameplay: Player versus Environment aka PvE /possible addition of PvP/, massive near-real economy, tactical combat and strategic skills development
  • In-game communication in real time /through Metalog/
  • Creation and customization of avatars
  • NFTs for ownership of land, objects and goods
  • Artificial intelligence for automation of the gameplay /TBD/
  • VR gaming

The GitHub repository is here.
Further sophistication of the subject is covered in the Whitepaper
To get a notion of the time table and completeness of these intentions, visit Roadmap.


WIP - Work in progress
TBA - To be announced
TBC - To be confirmed
TBD - To be determined

More details about the project


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