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🚀SpaceXpanse Multiverse explained

NB! This article is for all the newcomers who are interested in knowing more about us, about the platform, the project, why now is the right time to invest, and the way ahead.
It’s based on an AMA that we held a couple of months ago.

SpaceXpanse team

What is SpaceXpanse Multiverse platform?

SpaceXpanse Multiverse will be something like a huge virtual playground. Imagine a future three-dimensional Internet where you can explore different virtual worlds. It's like visiting different websites, but instead of just reading information, you can actually interact with everything around you. You can have fun, socialize, work, study, and even go shopping, all within these virtual worlds. It's a whole new way to experience the Internet. That’s what we do.

Who are the people behind the project?

I go by the alias of Walter Philips, CEO and founder of SpaceXpanse. I have extensive background in IT sales /11 years/, web development /14 years/ and crypto / more that 6 years/. Got extremely involved in the last one, starting with mining and trading and delving into different aspects of it, which naturally led to managing my own crypto project before this one.

I firmly believe that crypto as a technology is something far greater than that hollow “get the money and run” scheme we’re witnessing nowadays, and when we finally reveal the platform's true potential, everything will change in an extremely positive direction. With this project, we are creating something real, something useful, something that will last, and really soon we will show you what we mean. Just keep an eye on SpaceXpanse Multiverse.

My colleague Roderick Glas (also an alias) is the COO and co-founder. He is an entrepreneur with long experience in the fields of investment relations, project management and marketing. He is in charge of business operations with two main goals:

  • To put the project on the world business map and to find the right partners.
  • In a couple of years SpaceXpanse to have millions of satisfied users on a daily basis.

He is also a professional storyteller and published author (4 novels, tens of short stories, his preferred genres are sci-fi and cyberpunk) which will definitely help with the creation of the crown jewel of the platform - the SpaceXpanse: Wanderers game, because he has a concept that will blow the minds of the gaming community.

The platform is open source, and there are many others who were somehow involved in the code that we write and use. And now is the time to thank them for that!

What are the main goals of the SpaceXpanse Multiverse?

  • Goal 1 - Soon, SpaceXpanse will serve as an interconnection between the people who have an idea for creating a dApp and the technology behind the blockchain. And all this is to be achieved in a convenient way. “One platform to bind them all” if you know what I mean.
  • Goal 2 - The creation of SpaceXpanse: Wanderers - a massive multiplayer game where the players using avatars will explore a huge alien metaverse (many planets, space stations, and Dyson spheres). Now we start with small steps, but we know where we are going and where we want to be in 2, 3, and 5 years.
  • Goal 3 - And the most important part - our project to appear on the business radar and to attract the financing its potential deserves. The question here is not if, but when.

Who can use the platform? Is there something unique or game-changing?

For now, only skilled programmers can use it. At the end of the next stage - people with some experience in blockchain technology and programming. At the end of the last one - everybody (and with everybody, I mean millions and millions of users).

Uniqueness is what actually defines the project. From the tokenomics /deflation for the first 4 years, then 3% inflation/ and using two different algos for mining, through the ability to store and extract data on- and soon off-chain by using side chains to reduce blockchain bloating, to the easy transfer of value by using names instead of addresses and support for true blockchain gaming. And these are only the most important ones that a few other projects possess.

If I have to put it in one sentence: everything you will ever need to make and use with blockchain in terms of entertainment, doing business, and finances.

And let’s not forget about our AI chatbot D.A.R.M.A. - your swiss army knife for getting to know everything about the platform.

What is ROD? Is it a good idea to buy ROD now, and why?

ROD is the digital currency that drives SpaceXpanse Multiverse. Whether it's a good idea to buy any altcoin depends on the demand for it. If more people want to buy this altcoin, its value may increase. But if demand is low, its value may not grow. It's like buying a toy that everyone wants - if more people want it, its price goes up. And the demand will grow naturally - when more and more people start using the platform.

About the buying of RODs now - 100 % yeah - without a shadow of a doubt, I believe it is an extremely good idea to buy RODs now because of the potential of the project, the long years of planning, and the skillset of the team behind it. In one moment, in the not-too-distant future, the price should skyrocket because we’re soon planning to put ROD to real use, and all the people who have bought RODs in these early stages will be extremely happy.

But please bear in mind that this is not some crypto investment sand castle but a long-term project based not on speculation but on real development, and the reward will not come right away. We are here for the long run, and we are here to stay.

Will there be new exchanges, pools, collaborations? What are your plans for the project's growth?

Definitely. We've planned exponential expansion over time. The crypto winter logically slowed us, but we are constantly reevaluating the situation and making adjustments on the fly. We were focused on delivering the user experience, but now that we will have more time after finishing the initial stage, we will look into expanding our platform's reach beyond English-speaking users and getting more miners, investors, and, most importantly, users and gamers onboard.

Will people be able to make money in SpaceXpanse Multiverse?

The next stage of human interaction with Internet will be based on monetizing the time that one spends online. The people will not be the product anymore. On our platform, we will provide various possibilities to earn by creating, developing, and playing.

We mentioned earlier about the SpaceXpanse: Wanderers project, but soon we will launch SpaceXpanse: Battleships - you’ve played this game before, for sure, but you’ve never played this game on the blockchain with the possibility to earn some RODs.

What have you done up to now, and what will happen next? - what are the next steps?

We have created a platform that allows people to bring their ideas to life using Web 3.0 technologies. We are currently working on implementing various features and addressing challenges related to identity, data security, currency, law, property, access, presence, and productivity. Our roadmap outlines the steps we will take to improve and expand the platform over time. It's like building a virtual universe where people can create, explore, and interact with each other.

Are you planning something for fun in the SpaceXpanse Multiverse, or are you strictly business-oriented?

Who said we couldn’t have the best of both worlds? The core idea of this “internet of the future” is to be more of everything, and we intend to use our platform to contribute to making this happen.

Everybody will be able to find their place in the SpaceXpanse Multiverse - to create, to make business, to have fun, or everything combined.

Let’s say again that we will develop a huge game called SpaceXpanse: Wanderers but everyone is invited to come and create his own world, game, store, gallery, etc.

The old saying “The limit is the sky” is no more because with SpaceXpanse Multiverse, there will be no limits.

Obviously, this is a long-term project based on real things. What will be the price of your utility coin (the ROD) in 2-3 years?

It is impossible to predict that, as everybody in this field knows. But we’re aiming for 0.04 USD per ROD to have a sustainable future.

When will you let the big investors in?

Up until now, we were developing the fundamentals of all the aspects of the platform, and we haven’t sought investors because we wanted to pitch our project based on something real and valuable and not on “Look at us - we have a great idea, so give us millions,” like most of the sand castle players on the market.

We are sure that when we appear on the radar, many investors will be interested when they see what we have done, what the project offers, and what it will achieve. Actually, some of them are already interested and have contacted us.

For now, you can get some ROD coins - there are enough ways to do that.

What are the perks of building a blockchain metaverse project during a crypto winter?

The best time, actually. When all blows and whistles are gone into oblivion. Only true and valuable projects can stand it. What we see now is the so-called thinning of the herd - the players that will be alive and functional when the crypto spring arrives will reap the rewards.

We will be there. We are real, and we know what we are doing and where we are going.

What will the future of Web3 be? What is the place of your platform in it?

The future will be bright. SpaceXpanse Multiverse platform is positioned between people and technology and will help people interact with it in a way that makes it easy and entertaining. And profitable.

Trust us, and this will be one of the best investment decisions that you’ve ever made. Or it may be the best one, but you have to stick with us for the next couple of years and enjoy the ride.

What is the difference between you and the other projects in the metaverse field? What is your secret weapon?

  • Knowledge and combinativity - we combine our knowledge about current technology in a way that no one has done before.
  • Also, our team.
  • And our commitment.

Why will SpaceXpanse Multiverse be an interesting space to be visited by future metaverse travelers/users? And when? And how?

Because of the unlimited possibilities it will offer. Stick with us, and you’ll see.

Share with us your vision for the future of SpaceXpanse Multiverse - how will the project look in 2 years?

In 2 years, SpaceXpanse Multiverse will be a big and fully functioning WEB3 platform in which we will have a full-blown and growing ecosystem /different games and dApps/, using all parts of it: the ROD blockchain and its decentralized database, serving web apps behind the .rod domain, made easily with the tools provided.

Our main project - a game called SpaceXpanse: Wanderers (an important part of the platform and our business plan), will already have an open beta version.

Long story short - in 2 years, we will have the ultimate metaverse builder. Everybody is invited.

More details about it can be found here:










First published at 🚀SpaceXpanse Multiverse Newsletter

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