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🚀SpaceXpanse plans to implement Nostr protocol in its Multiverse platform

SpaceXpanse plans to implement the Nostr protocol on its Multiverse platform to address the current off-chain storage issue. The Multiverse platform creates interconnected virtual worlds for decentralized applications. Nostr is a decentralized social media protocol using relay networks for data storage, aiming for simplicity, security, and decentralization. The integration of these two platforms offers several benefits.

SpaceXpanse Multiverse utilizes blockchain for secure transactions, emphasizing user-friendly experiences and potentially revolutionizing education, business, gaming, and social media. Nostr’s decentralized structure allows users to publish and subscribe to various content while being censorship-resistant. It operates through relays, ensuring information distribution and storage across networks.

The collaboration between Nostr and SpaceXpanse Multiverse offers multiple advantages:

1. Nostr storing metadata of SpaceXpanse Multiverse assets, enabling browsing without local storage.
2. Storing content of SpaceXpanse Multiverse assets on Nostr, reducing reliance on central servers.
3. Nostr preserving the state of SpaceXpanse Multiverse’s decentralized applications, allowing seamless user experiences even offline.

The synergy extends further to enable data transfer between isolated Nostr relays through the ROD blockchain, providing decentralized and secure data storage and sharing.

Monetization options for both platforms will involve utilizing the SpaceXpanse ROD coin. For example:

1. For SpaceXpanse Multiverse users: charging ROD coins for exclusive access, in-metaverse items, or NFTs and storing their status on Nostr relays.
2. For Nostr clients: charging ROD coins for private channels, subscriptions, or educational courses.
3. For Nostr relay owners: charging for peering, access fees, or API usage.

This collaboration offers numerous opportunities, paving the way for innovative applications as both platforms continue to evolve.

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First published at 🚀SpaceXpanse Multiverse Newsletter

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