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PI Squared: Boosting MultiversX's Efficiency and Passionate Crypto Atmosphere at xDay 2023

Summary: NewsBTC will cover xDay 2023, an event by MultiversX, focusing on the Metaverse and crypto adoption. Runtime Verification introduced PI Squared, a universal ZK Rollup on the MultiversX blockchain, aiming to enhance efficiency and attract developers. Grigore Rosu, CEO of Runtime Verification, praised MultiversX's passion and decision-making. PI Squared can bring programming languages to MultiversX without compiler or interpreter errors, encouraging faster development and increasing applications and users. Bitcoin is currently trading at $29,800.

Our analysis of the situation

Get ready for the exhilarating xDay 2023 event, where MultiversX steals the show and unveils its latest game-changing innovation. Formerly known as Elrond, the project has undergone a major rebranding and is now relentlessly focused on the Metaverse, scalability, and global crypto adoption. Brace yourself for the exciting announcement that left attendees in awe: the launch of PI Squared, a universal ZK Rollup powered by NASA technology, boosting the efficiency and appeal of the MultiversX ecosystem. Our team at NewsBTC shares the thrilling details below.

The Buzz at xDay 2023:
As the final day of xDay 2023 unfolded, the energy in the Palace of Parliament, Romania, grew to epic proportions. Security audit firm Runtime Verification took center stage to unveil their groundbreaking creation, PI Squared. Developed in collaboration with NASA, this universal scaling solution aims to revolutionize the MultiversX network by simplifying development and enhancing security.

Grigore Rosu: An Interview with the Mastermind:
Following the unveiling of PI Squared, our team had the privilege of speaking with Grigore Rosu, the brilliant mind behind this innovative solution. Rosu's insights on xDay, the MultiversX ecosystem, and the significance of PI Squared shed light on the passion and forward-thinking approach that underpins this remarkable project.

Atmosphere and Passion Take Center Stage:
When asked about the vibrant atmosphere at xDay, Grigore Rosu couldn't contain his excitement. He expressed his astonishment at the overwhelming turnout of over 2000 attendees, highlighting the invigorating discussions and the undeniable passion radiating from both the MultiversX team and the entire audience.

Passion Meets Exceptional Decision-Making:
Rosu's involvement with MultiversX dates back to day zero, and his decision to collaborate with the project stems from one key factor: passion. He commends the team's unwavering belief in their vision and their ability to make astute decisions along the way. He particularly praises their choice not to adopt Ethereum's EVM, recognizing its limitations, and opting for a faster, more reliable, and programming language-efficient blockchain network.

PI Squared: A Leap Towards a Bright Future:
Grigore Rosu explains that PI Squared had been brewing as an idea for some time, and it has now taken shape as a prototype. The aim is to launch it as a universal ZK roll-up within a destination chain. And what better destination chain than MultiversX itself? Rosu highlights the cost-effectiveness of MultiversX compared to Ethereum when it comes to transactions during the development and prototyping phase. With PI Squared, developers will have the freedom to develop programs better and faster, eliminating the errors typically associated with compilers or interpreters. This is expected to breed a new wave of applications and attract a growing user base to MultiversX, creating a happier and more vibrant ecosystem.

In Conclusion:
xDay 2023 witnessed a monumental announcement with the revelation of PI Squared, a universal ZK Rollup that promises to catapult MultiversX to new heights. The unique combination of passion, exceptional decision-making, and cutting-edge technology amplifies the allure of this dynamic project. As the crypto market fluctuates, all eyes remain fixated on the innovations that will shape the future – and MultiversX just took a giant leap forward.

Cover image source: MultiversX. Chart source: Tradingview.

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