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📢BREAKING NEWS: ROD coin is to be listed on Top 20 exchange!

This is serious, our fellow spexers! The SpaceXpanse ROD coin has achieved another milestone and can soon be listed on a Top 20 exchange, which means even more accessibility and potential for growth.


Recently, P2B Exchange (@P2B_exchange), one of the top 20 exchanges globally and #1 in Europe, made us an offer we just couldn’t refuse. They obviously saw the potential SpaceXpanse Multiverse possesses. And we struck a deal. But there’s a catch: we still fall $5,000 USD short of making it happen, and your valuable help is much appreciated! It may seem like too much for you, but imagine if just 250 ROD holders could give $20 crypto equivalent each. It would be beneficial not only for us as a project but also for every ROD holder.

So we are going to ask you for a little help for ROD to become a big player in the crypto market:

  1. Just go to
  2. Click on donate, choose the amount, and hit Skip Message, except if you want to say something to us. And if you have any trouble, see the image below.
  3. On the next screen, you’ll see a QR code that you can scan with your wallet app or just copy the BTC address. Just make sure to send the exact amount of Satoshis as shown.

That’s all. Many thanks in advance, and let’s place the ROD coin where it deserves to be: among the crypto stars!

P.S. All donations are made in Bitcoin's Satoshis, which are sent directly to this BTC address and can be followed from here.

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First published at 🚀SpaceXpanse Multiverse Newsletter

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