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📢Announcement on current situation and SpaceXpanse future plans

Hello all, 

We are always keeping our eyes on our target, but we are also evolving and adapting all the time according to the situation. Recently, because there was an opportunity for the ROD to be traded on the P2B Exchange, we started a fundraiser with the goal of establishing how big the real interest and the real will are to do so in our community. The result showed us that not enough people are interested in that, so in this stage, we’ll stick to our plans, and every user may trade RODs on current exchanges.
We’re just postponing the idea, as there are negotiations with other exchange providers, and it will happen at some point in the future, for sure.

Again, we want to remind you that the ROD is a utility coin whose goal is to be used on our platform and in the future in dApps, games, and metaverses that will appear on it.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the fact that you own RODs in this early phase of the project is a very smart and profitable move, but let us remind you one more time that we are here for the long run and this is just the beginning. Our success will come not from crypto speculation and some smoke and mirrors shady pseudo-business operations but from the real things that we’ve created and are creating in this project with many faces.

What are these real things?

1. We’ve created a working Web3 platform where everybody can create and build almost everything and will continue to develop it to become one of the most comprehensive metaverse platforms on the market.

2. We are developing a ground-breaking game called SpaceXpanse: Wanderers where the players will have the opportunity to explore a huge alien universe, and the concept will blow your minds. The game will be located in its own metaverse on our platform, and the gaming model will be play-and-earn.

3. Many more. Even in this moment, some developers are thrilled with the endless opportunities that our platform offers and are taking advantage by creating their own dApps or metaverses.

This is the future of the Internet, and we are part of it. In the next couple of years, we’ll see big technological changes, and we are ready for them. The fact that you are reading this means that you’ve made the right choice, and you’ve decided to trust the right crew and the winning project.

Again, this is just the beginning. Brace yourself because the next few years will be very interesting, game-changing, and extremely profitable for those who’ve felt their true potential.

Thank you for your support!

First published at 🚀SpaceXpanse Multiverse Newsletter

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