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Sweat Economy Sweats Over Fate of 2 Billion Tokens

In short: Sweat Economy is launching a governance vote to decide the fate of 2 billion Sweat tokens that remain idle in inactive users' accounts. The token holders will have a say in the decision-making process through a one-man, one-vote principle, with the options of recovering the tokens and transferring them back to the Sweat treasury or allowing them to remain with inactive users. The governance vote requires at least 75,000 votes, and the polls will run for seven days.

Our quick analysis:
It looks like the Sweat Economy has been working up some serious sweat over the decision of what to do with 2 billion tokens that are currently sitting idle in inactive users' accounts. In an effort to resolve this issue, the Sweat community will now have their voices heard as they participate in a governance vote on the matter.

The Sweat Economy is clearly committed to making the decision-making process community-centric, which is great news for all token holders. This comes after numerous attempts to prompt users to activate their apps and claim their tokens went unanswered.

The value of these tokens is significant, making this governance vote a crucial one. Every token holder has an equal say in the matter, as they vote on the two options presented to them. The first option is to recover and transfer the 2 billion tokens back to the Sweat Treasury for future distribution or other decisions that will again be presented to the community for a vote. The second option is to just leave the tokens where they are, in inactive users' accounts.

The Sweat Economy requires at least 75,000 votes for the proposal to be accepted or rejected, but it's expected to receive even more since the previous vote had over 150,000 participants. The polls will run for 7 days, with a possible 3-day extension depending on the number of votes that come in.

It's easy to see why existing users, as well as those eagerly awaiting the launch in the United States this September, have welcomed this democratic vote. Let's hope that the Sweat community can come to a decision that benefits everyone involved and that the Sweat tokens can finally find their way back into circulation.

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