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LINER: A Revolutionary Index for Bitcoin Lightning Network Yield

In short: Data analytics provider Amboss has launched LINER, an index designed to measure bitcoin returns on the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN), providing enterprises with an alternative exposure to bitcoin without the credit risk associated with Centralised Finance (CeFi). Like traditional finance's LIBOR, LINER serves as a benchmark interest rate for bitcoin. The index is comprised of two metrics – LINER Cost and LINER Yield – that allow for comparisons between LINER Cost and traditional payment card fees, empowering large bitcoin holders to make informed decisions about their holdings.

Our quick analysis:
As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve, data analytics provider Amboss has introduced LINER, an innovative index designed to measure Bitcoin returns on the Lightning Network. This exciting new benchmark interest rate for Bitcoin, which operates without credit risk, is set to revolutionize the way enterprises approach low-risk yield investment.

LINER, or Lightning Network Rate, is the first of its kind and allows large Bitcoin holders to make informed decisions regarding their Bitcoin holdings. Offering valuable insight into the Lightning market and comparisons between traditional payment card fees, LINER aims to encourage enterprise adoption of the Lightning Network.

“By communicating real yield rates from Bitcoin held on the Lightning Network, enterprises will recognize the strategic error in trusting CeFi yield platforms while capturing the benefits of payment network disruption that is decades overdue,” said Jesse Shrader, co-founder and CEO of Amboss.

Not only does LINER offer valuable insights, but it also addresses concerns with credit risk associated with CeFi yield platforms. By operating through the Lightning Network, Bitcoin holders can earn BTC from opening Lightning channels to various destinations without custodial risk, avoiding the pitfalls of failed CeFi yield platforms like Celsius and BlockFi.

The introduction of LINER also opens up possibilities for portfolio managers, investors, and businesses to leverage the index in their decision-making processes. With its two insightful metrics, LINER Cost and LINER Yield, LINER allows for comparisons and encourages the acceptance of Lightning-enabled payment infrastructure.

As technology continues to transform our financial ecosystem, the LINER index provides a clear incentive for large Bitcoin holders to utilize self-custodial strategies and earn higher returns while minimizing risk. To learn more about Amboss and LINER, visit

The world of cryptocurrencies is continuously evolving, and Amboss has paved the way for a new wave of low-risk investment through the Bitcoin Lightning Network. LINER is a revolutionary approach to benchmark interest rates, and its impact on the world of cryptocurrencies is only just beginning.

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Disclaimer: Our articles are NOT financial advice, and we are not financial advisors. Your investments are your own responsibility. Please do your own research and seek advice from a licensed financial advisor beforehand if needed.

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