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Elliptic to Enhance Intelligence Gathering with Chatgpt Integration

In short: Blockchain analytics company Elliptic is set to integrate artificial intelligence-based language model Chatgpt into its team's research and intelligence gathering operations. The move will help Elliptic specialists focus on accuracy and scalability as the model synthesises and organises intelligence faster than before, Elliptic said. Chatgpt was developed by Openai, a Microsoft-funded AI laboratory. The move follows leading US digital asset exchange Coinbase's decision to test the technology as a verification tool.

Our quick analysis:
Blockchain analytics company Elliptic has announced the integration of Chatgpt into its off-chain intelligence and research gathering efforts. Chatgpt, an AI-based language model developed by Openai, will enable Elliptic's experts to analyze new risks related to crypto assets with greater accuracy and speed.

Elliptic is a leader in blockchain analysis and crypto-asset risk management, leveraging a proprietary dataset consisting of more than a decade's worth of data and the largest collection of crypto exchange risk profiles. The addition of Chatgpt technology will allow Elliptic's researchers and investigators to synthesize and organize intelligence on new risk factors in higher volumes and at a quicker speed than ever before.

"We pride ourselves in being on the forefront of blockchain innovation, and incorporating cutting-edge technologies to enhance how we work," said Elliptic CEO Simone Maini. The integration of Chatgpt aligns with Elliptic's commitment to scaling intelligence and providing top-notch services to financial firms, crypto businesses, governments, and law enforcement agencies.

The use of Chatgpt in the crypto industry is likely to continue to grow, with leading US digital asset exchange Coinbase already testing the product as a token verification tool. Do you think other blockchain companies will follow Elliptic's lead and integrate Chatgpt? Share your predictions in the comments section below.

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